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Jochebed Studio - Professional Studios @ mainroom

Jochebed Studio studio photos
Jochebed Studio
Jochebed Studio
Jochebed Studio
Location: iran-tehran-sadat abad
Service: recording mixing and mastering
Gear: HD 3 avid pro tools mac pro g5 mixer c 24 convertor appogee rozeta 800 big ben appogee I/O 192 digital digi design Tc helicon voice pro Tc system 6000 mastering and reverb 786 dbx blue mic pre 184 dbx blue comperessor and limiter numan m 149 tube numan klm 184 stereo set shure sm 57 genelec 80 50 dynaudio bm natilus 802 b&w class a pre
Price: 14$
WebSite: http://jochebed-studio.com
Jochebed Studio has warm space and you can enjoy work with engineer in this studio.we work with professional tools like protools HD 3 and system 6000 tc and we enjoy work with pro musician.our job is record mix and mastering some stlye like pop classic house and hip hop

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