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We are a Venezuelan academy dedicated to professional training and education in the recording industry of sound art.

For over five years our academy has specialized in the field of teaching, training musicians, producers, engineers, technicians, students and hobbyists audio, working in the areas of pre and post production in the Venezuelan market, as a of the few major engaged in this area. Our mission is to "train in a comprehensive manner to our students to teach discipline and knowledge through experience, methods and tools to design, develop, build, maintain and operate professional audio industry recording".

Our courses are currently being developed for different areas of the field of sound production, including music production, MIDI programming, score publishing, recording systems, digital audio, audio post (mixing and mastering) and research, they are held at our facilities specially equipped for it, where we have recording studios and production laboratories with several stations, all equipped with high quality products.
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  1. SAiNT

    what a great idea! every city should have places like this. My Respect!!!
    8 May 2013 23:44 replyquote * * * * *

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