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p-ten studios - Professional Studios @ mainroom

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p-ten studios
p-ten studios
Location: Chicago
Est: 1999
Service: tracking, mixing, editing, sample based production, pre production, full project production for demo's, ep's and full lengths
Gear: Steinberg Nuendo, SSL and RME Converters, Neve 8108 console, Dynaudio, Genelec, JBL and KRK monitors. wide selection of tube mic pre's, guitar amps,                         guitars and basses, full drum set with hardware and cymbals.
Price: Tracking 65 (with engineer), Mixing 175 (per song), Editing 85 (per song)
WebSite: http://www.p10studios.com/
p-ten studios is a commercial recording facility based in the Chicago area. We provide tracking, mixing and producing of your music. 

The studios combines analog and digital equipment in order to provide the sound you are looking for.

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